Reazioni pucciose – Oscar 2013


Le reazioni più belle alle nomination degli Oscar di quest’anno:

Alan Arkin: “I got an email from a lot of people saying ‘Wow’ and ‘Yippee’ and I had no idea what the hell they were talking about. Nobody bothered to tell me I’d gotten the nomination. They were just sending one word superlatives.”

Mychael Danna (colonna sonora de La vita di Pi): “I’ve got pants on, so it must be real.”

Helen Hunt: “I would like to change the fashion protocol. Since these shows are in January and February, I wish it was a contest for who had the best cashmere sweater and warm boots. I’m not getting any traction on that.”

Behn Zeitlin: “I’m completely freaking out.”

Bradley Cooper: “I get up crazy early anyway, and I told myself, ‘Ok, I’ll take my dog to the beach, and just see what happens. Whatever goes down.’ What I forgot is that it’s pitch-black at 5 am! So I watched with my mom and my dog. These things are once in a lifetime. To see Jacki, Jennifer, Robert all recognized…and thank God, David, too. It’s so exciting, it couldn’t have gone better.”